If you want to miss out on your ex, you can do so easily. This might seem to be an odd way of going about it, but it’s something that many people have done and succeeded at.

One thing that you can do is not contact your ex for a long time and hope your partner gets the hint and will start to miss you.

The other way is to do things that you know your ex would want you to be doing.

For example, if your ex was into music and wanted you to go out and watch some bands, then start doing just that. If you don’t miss your partner after a while (don’t rush it either), then this will make them realize that they want you back.

If you want to break up with your partner, then don’t do it directly – that never works. Try breaking up indirectly by telling them subtly that the relationship is over and you need some space.

If you show signs of wanting space from your partner, they will begin to wonder if things are okay between the two of you. If you still want to break up with your partner, then don’t say that it’s just for space reasons.

So this is how to make an Avoidant miss you.

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