This is a tutorial on how you can make a rubber band ball.

You’re going to need some rubber bands, of course. The more the better! It’s also good to have two bowls, or something that can hold the ball whilst you work it into shape.

One bowl will need to be small enough that the rubber bands fit inside it, and then you’ll need another one for all of the remaining ones. Then, take your first rubber band and slip it over both thumbs.

Now take the remaining ones and pinch them together between your thumb and index finger like you would if you were picking up noodles with chopsticks.

Take the rubber bands you have in your other hand and slip two over each thumb, like before.

Take the remaining ones and pinch them between your thumbs and index fingers like before.

Now take all of one color (for example, green) and hold it firmly in one hand with the curve facing downward towards your knees (or toward you if you are looking down).

Now take the other color (in this case, blue) and hold it in your other hand with the curve facing downwards toward your knees (or towards you if you’re looking down).

Now take all of one color (in this case, green) and start looping them around the rubber band in your other hand (in this case, blue). Make sure to do it in the same way you would for putting on a bracelet.

Keep looping until there is no more room for rubber bands. Now pinch both ends together tightly. And that’s how you make your first rubber band ball!

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