Friendship bracelets are an easy project. You can make them with string, fabric, yarn, or even ribbon.

The first thing you need to do is define what kind of bracelet you want to make. You can design it however you want, but here’s a basic pattern that I always use:

Cut about 24 inches of string (or any other material). Hold one end in each hand and twist the strings together twice (wrap around your fingers once).

Cross the two strings under each other halfway up near your thumbs. Holding both strands in the middle, wrap the left strand over the right strand at the top and pull tightly.

Now wrap the left strand under the right strand on the lower side and pull tight again.

This forms a knot at the top. Do this once more and you will have wrapped the right strand around the left one 4 times, creating a square pattern.

Do not cut string; we’ll use it to make another layer of knots on top of this first one.

Now take another piece of string (or material) about 24 inches long and repeat steps 1-5.

After you’ve finished with both strings, wrap the left string over the right one 4 times (forming a knot), and then weave it under itself, back up to the original strand.

Pull tightly. Then do another row just like this above that layer.

You can keep going forever, but typically I just give mine a few more rows and that’s it.

When the bracelet is as wide as you want, cut both strings and tie a knot near each end to finish them off.

The best part about friendship bracelets is being able to wear different ones every day!

So this is how to make a Friendship Bracelet.

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