Here are the steps that you can use to make a cone out of paper:

1) Cut a piece of paper in half and wrap one half around the other, but make sure the point is facing out.

2) Fold together all the lines on one side and then fold in both ends.

3) Keep folding in both ends until the cone is about the width you want it to be. It’s easier to fold in one end first and then wiggle it up and down to produce an even hem).

4) Make sure your last line is folded inside and then unfold.

5) Now stuff with tissue paper or ribbon. Push or cut off any excess so it doesn’t poke out the top.

6) Cut a circle of paper and wrap it in the same way around your cone. Outline the edge with glue and then cut off any excess you don’t want.

7) Take your time gluing on the rest of the flower by following these steps: Glue, wait, add petals. Wait, add next layer of petals, wait. Continue until you are satisfied.

8) Glue on decorative leaves and buttons for decoration!

9) Tie a ribbon around the top or add a pin/tack for a pinwheel effect!

So this is how to make a Cone out of Paper.

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