To make a baby laugh, you can do lots of things. You can poke their tummy and tickle them. Or you could sing to the baby and they might laugh. But if you really want a baby to laugh, then you need to follow these steps:

You first give the baby a nice bath. Make sure that it is warm and not too hot or too cold. When the baby’s skin has gotten used to being wet – no more goosebumps – put on some funny clothes on the baby – like a hat or something.

You can laugh at the baby when it is wearing its funny clothes, since babies love to imitate adults. When you laugh, they will laugh too! If you do not have or cannot find any funny clothes, then put on some lipstick in a funky color and give them a kiss on their forehead. That might make them laugh.

You can also make faces at the baby, like sticking your tongue out or crossing your eyes. Or you can put on some music and dance with them. If they are too little to dance, then you can dance around them in a funny way! Just remember that babies love funny things!

When the baby starts getting hungry again – their tummies are getting rumbly – you can feed them some yummy baby food or put on the bottle. The baby will definitely laugh when it is eating, since everything tastes better with a smile!

Once the baby has eaten enough, take the baby out of the bath and dry it off with a soft towel. Babies love to be cuddled and held after they have eaten and had a bath. They will put their little hands around your neck and hold on to you tight! You can start tickling them and making fun of their funny clothes.

You need to do this every day so that the baby laughs as much as it can. And when the baby is older, you need to keep making the baby laugh. If you do not, then the baby will grow up to be a teenager with no sense of humor!

If you follow these steps every day, your baby is sure to have a good belly laugh and lots of fun!

So this is how to Make a Baby Laugh.

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