Here are the steps to light a match:

1) Place match on a surface that won’t be damaged by the heat.

2) Strike the match along the rough side of the matchbox. You have to hold it in your hand and striking it with your thumb gives just enough strength to light it.

3) Hold the flame close to the object you want to light but not too close.

4) Blow the match out as soon as you see the object catch fire. The only way to put it out after that is by smothering it or running water over it.

5) If using matches try lighting the match on the striking strip along the side of box because it has less sulfur than striking strips on other boxes.

6) If using a lighter, try to hold the flame as close to the object you’re trying to light as possible and evenly distribute the heat.

7) Make sure that the gas tank is full because if it’s not, it could affect how well or quickly your lighter lights.

8) Keep yourself safe first! Think about what you are doing before lighting the match or lighter in case something goes wrong.

9) Wipe off any excess fluid or food on objects because this can make it harder to light.

10) Make sure that you don’t get burned when trying to light things because burns can sometimes be extremely dangerous.

So this is how you can light a match.

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