One way to know when a mango is ripe is by reading the stem. The stem should be green. If it’s brown, the fruit has been harvested and won’t be ripe for a few days.

A second way to know if a mango is ripe is by squeezing the fruit gently in the palm of your hand. If you feel any give in the fruit when you squeeze, then that could mean that it’s not yet ripe.

If you don’t feel any give, though, and it feels nice and firm, then that often means that it’s ripe!

A third way of knowing if a mango is ripe is by smelling the shoulder of the fruit (the top). If you can smell at all on the shoulder of the fruit, usually that means that it’s not quite ripe yet. If you can’t smell anything, though, it might be ripe!

So this is how to know when a Mango is Ripe.

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