If you have problems with wasps on your property, here are some things you can do to keep them away.

– Clean up dead animals and bird carcasses that may attract wasps.

– Keep your outside trash can inside or place it on a sturdier surface, such as cinder blocks.

– Trim branches and shrubs as they overhang your house or deck, as wasps like to build nests there.

– Eliminate all standing water around the foundation of your home as this will deter wasps from building nests at those places.

– Clean the dust from your window tracks and door hinges regularly, as it can accumulate there.

– Maintain an exterior lighting system that does not allow insects to get attracted when turned on at night. If outside lights are working in tandem with existing screens or doors, make sure these open away from the light source for maximum effectiveness.

So this is How to keep Wasps away.

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