In this article you will learn how to jump start your car.

You must first be safe about it. Make sure that you have a dead battery before attempting this, because if not your car’s battery will be drained, which of course you don’t want!

If you are also trying to tow another car with your car, you will need to have chains to attach the cars together so they don’t separate.

You’ll need someone to push on the back of your vehicle while someone is pushing in front. It is best to go slow when using this method and only go in reverse. It may take a bit but it should work eventually.

If you are only trying to getup a slight incline, try putting your car in first gear. For most cars, they’ll need to be able to go at least 5 miles per hour in order for the vehicle’s transmission not to stall.

Another option is if there’s someone around that can give you a push, stick your car in neutral and put the other vehicle behind it.

If you can, try pushing on your breaks while pushing, this should work better than the first option since the force of hitting the brakes shouldn’t stall out your transmission (although to be safe its best if you don’t hit your breaks while doing this).

If none of that works, then you’ll need a winch or come-along to pull your car up the hill.

This method is best used if you know someone with such tools. Make sure to attach your vehicle securely so it doesn’t break free and hurt anyone when it moves, and whatever you do don’t use this option on steep hills!

So this is how you can jump start a car.

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