Holding a wine glass is not like holding any other type of cup. The wine glass has to be held at an angle with the thumb.

It can also be held with three fingers, but the thumb should be on the bottom. The index finger and middle finger should be close together against the side of the bowl.

There are even some people who use one hand to hold the base of the wine glass and another for the stem, but this isn’t advised!

The wine glass should be held in a particular way to prevent sloshing the contents when you’re pouring.

When this happens, not only does it look sloppy and unprofessional, but it also wastes wine!

The best position is with the stem pointing away from the body, toward your elbow. After choosing the position for your hand hold around the wine glass, make sure to keep it level.

If you are holding a wine glass with the bowl pointing toward your body, you might not realize that there is still some space between it and your body.

An easy way to fix this is by straightening out your arm while you pour! If the wine spills on something other than yourself, you can always use a napkin to wipe it off!

Another good way to hold the wine glass is at chest height.

This is also where most people will be standing when they are pouring, but you have to make sure that your arm isn’t too stiff or rigid, otherwise the position could become uncomfortable or quickly tiresome for this position.

This method is best for holding a wine glass with both hands and pouring into glasses that are already on the table.

When you’re done using your wine glass, it’s easy to forget where you put it! If you don’t want people to see where it was placed, make sure to use a coaster or napkin to wipe off any water droplets or smudges.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to hold a wine glass like a Pro in no time!

So this is how to Hold a Wine Glass.

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