A tennis racket is a hand instrument used to hit a tennis ball. It typically has an area of about 200 square centimeters, around the same size as a single bed sheet, and is gripped with one hand at each end.

The dimensions and weight of the racket can be determined at manufacture and vary from model to model.

The surface area of a tennis racket face is defined by the rules as “the whole of ‘that portion which lies between its lateral and medial boundary lines”, which generally means just the strings and frame.

The string pattern, however, has an effect on the surface area, as different string patterns have different repartition of total string tension across the racket face. This causes variations in how the ball responds to racket contact.

A tennis court is a bounded rectangular area which is constructed for playing the game of tennis. It has four enclosed end-walls (between which lies one service box), enclosing a space called the court.

Tennis is played on a rectangular, flat surface. The game consists of two players (or four players in doubles) hitting a spherical ball tied to an elastic cord with their rackets so that it bounces off walls and ceilings.

The tennis racket is held with one hand at each end. Your fingers should be wrapped around the racket with some pressure, but not too tight.

The palms of the hands should lay flat against the handle of the tennis racket, with your fingers curled tightly on top of the handle.

The grip on your hand should be tighter than when you are holding a pen or pencil to write.

Your thumb should be wrapped tightly on top of your index finger so that it’s pointing toward your face and you can see it when looking down at it.

Hold the tennis racket as still as possible, as moving it around can make it difficult to hit a ball.

You should stand up straight on your feet with your knees slightly bent and pointed slightly outward.

You should be standing far enough from the net that you’re able to properly see the ball when it first bounces off the ground, usually about a foot from the net.

Your legs should be far enough apart so that you can take a proper swing at the ball, and your feet should be parallel to each other.

So this is how to hold a Tennis Racket.

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