The best time to harvest walnuts is during the fall. To harvest walnuts, you simply need to shake the trees or pick up the nuts that have fallen on to the ground.

Do not pick up walnuts from the ground if they have been in standing water or are mushy.

If you do not plan on picking all of your walnuts, make sure to rake a few leaves over them to help protect them from rain and other inclement weather.

If you live in an area prone to squirrels or other animals that love to feast on walnuts, another option would be to spread a tarp over your trees and shake the trees with a rope or chain.

It’s always great to have more than one variety of tree in your yard as they will pollinate each other if needed.

There are several varieties of walnut trees with different characteristics such as what time of year the walnuts will ripen and how abundant the crop will be.

Most trees take anywhere between 30-40 years before they begin to produce a significant number of walnuts.

So this is how to Harvest Walnuts.

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