Mint can be easily grown in most gardens with rich, moist soil. Mint likes full sun to partial shade and it prefers cooler temperatures.

The best time to harvest fresh leaves is in the morning when they are dry. Before you start harvesting, make sure there is no mold on the leaves.

You can also clip off about an inch or two of new growth before it flowers (which will give you a second harvest).

Once you harvest mint, dry it under a fan on newspaper. Once dried, put the mint in an airtight container with a desiccant packet or use your food dehydrator to keep it fresh for up to six months.

You can also make some great organic teas using mint leaves. Mint tea can be used as a digestive aid and to help relieve bloating and fatigue.

Mint is good for you because it can also improve bad breath and calm stomachs. It also helps to ease the pain of menstrual cramps (which explains its popularity in chai tea).

Mint is great for making tinctures, vinegars, syrups, salves, teas or jellies.

So this is how to Harvest Mint.

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