Basil is an herb that can be grown in pots or in the ground and prefers full sun and moderate temperatures.

It is important to harvest basil when the plant is at its peak. Basil can be harvested by cutting it at the base of the stem.

harvest basil herb - How to harvest Basil

The best time to harvest basil is in early morning, before the sun begins to dry out the leaves.

Basil’s leaves contain essential oils that contribute to its flavor and aroma. As Basil plants grow, their leaves naturally release those oils at a steady pace.

If those oils aren’t removed by harvesting the plant, they can evaporate into the air or be absorbed into nearby surfaces like wood countertops or table tops.

This makes basil lose some of its flavor and aroma. When basil is harvested, it continues to grow new leaves that contain those same oils, but at a slower rate.

Basil plants grow best in well-drained soil with lots of sun exposure.

If you provide those conditions, you should be able to harvest Basil every few days from your plant for fresh use in your cooking.

It takes about three to four weeks before it can be harvested again, but the wait is well worth it for this delicious herb.

So that’s how to harvest Basil.

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