Lavender is a perennial herb that thrives in warmer climates. It is known for its fragrance and essential oils that are used in foods, skincare products, and even some fabrics. Here’s how you can grow lavender on your own deck or patio.

1. Push the seeds into individual pots or cells with rich, moist potting soil. Keep the soil moist but not wet—lavenders need to breathe too!

2. When the plants are knee-high, thin them out so they’ll have plenty of space to grow big and strong. Keep only one per container, planting three-inch centers between rows for best growth. If you’re planting in a garden bed, set plants about a foot apart from one another.

3. Water the plants regularly—lavenders need at least an inch of water a week. If your lavender is not planted in a pot, give it a deep soak once a week to keep soil moist and cool. During hot summer months, some plants may wilt slightly during the day. This is normal—lavenders don’t like heat! Just give your plants a drink in the afternoon.

4. For the best blooms, feed your lavender with an all-purpose fertilizer (such as 10-10-10) once a month during spring and summer months. Lavender prefers acidic soil, so add some spaghnum peat moss or compost to the bottom of your container before planting.

5. Cut off the spent flowers after they’re finished blooming, but allow lavender leaves to stay on the plant all season long.

6. Water until soil is wet at least 6 inches deep to get rid of any salt buildup in the soil. Apply an inch-thick layer of mulch around plants to help conserve moisture and keep weeds at bay.

7. Harvest for lavender products by cutting stems and allowing them to dry before removing flowers. Store in a dark place with plenty of ventilation until ready to use.

So this is how to Grow Lavender from Seed.

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