The best time to plant carrots is in the winter, when the ground is cold and not packed with earth.

Plant the seedlings at a depth of 1 inch or 2 feet apart.

Place three or four carrots in one hole. Make sure that the top of the carrot roots are above ground level.

How to grow Carrots

Cover with soil and water immediately.

Soil temperature and moisture play a large role in carrot germination. Carrots need a moist and loose soil that is around 45 degrees F., but not any warmer than 75 degrees F.

We will find that carrots do best when we plant them early in the spring or late in the fall. If the soil does not stay moist around the seedlings they will go to rot.

Do not fertilize too much as this can create a rich environment for the carrots to form hairy, bitter roots.

Harvest your carrots when they are mature and at least 1 inch in diameter. Once they reach a size of 2 inches, they should be harvested.

Carrots can be stored in the fridge for up to three weeks, but they have a tendency to ripen faster than any other root vegetable from your garden. One trick is to freeze carrots whole and then just grate them when you need them.

You can also store carrots in moist sawdust or sand, but it will require you to check on them often.

Storage life of carrots is extended if their tops are left on and they are stored at 32 degrees F.

Carrots should be washed before storage, not after as the excess moisture can cause spoilage. To prevent dirt from being caked onto your carrots, give them a good scrub with a brush first.

So that’s how to grow Carrots.

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