The avocado tree is a slow-growing evergreen tree which is native to Central Mexico.

Avocado trees live for 150 years and have a height of 20-30 feet. This tree produces large, leathery leaves that have a length of 3-7 inches and a width of 1 inch.

The avocado tree also produces flowers with both male and female parts on the same flower, but these do not produce fruit.

How to grow an Avocado Tree

First, you need a pot that has a drainage hole in the bottom and is big enough for the root ball.

How to grow an Avocado Tree

Fill the pot with a good quality potting soil mixed with compost. Put your plant into the pot and spread out its roots.

Put some soil on top of the roots as well as water them down. You can now place it in a nice place where it’s going to get full sun all day.

Water your tree once or twice a week and make sure to fertilize it every three months by adding bone meal around the drip line of the tree. About a tablespoon is enough.

Now comes the interesting part: You have to make sure your plant stays warm during the winter and it’s going to be critical for the success of your avocado tree.

In cold climates, you would need to place a two feet tall wall around the young trees that will keep them warm.

It should be made out of light material that lets the light through but keeps the wind out.

You can also put up a tarp that can cover your avocado tree when it’s cold outside or during very strong winds. The tarp should be removed as soon as temperatures are high enough for your tree to stay outside.

It will protect your tree from average -10°C / 14°F. If you get lower than that, you can bring your tree inside and wait until it’s warmer outside.

So here are the most important things:

– Grow your avocado tree in full sun or filtered light (no direct sunlight during hot hours of the day)

– Make sure your plant stays warm during winter And that is it. That’s all you need to know about how to grow an avocado tree from a seed.

So that’s how to grow an Avocado Tree.

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