A lap dance is a dance in which the dancer grinds against the person seated in the chair.

The dancer, typically a woman, may be wearing underwear or other garments that cover her buttocks, but reveal much of the upper part of her breasts when she leans forward to rub, almost sliding across the customer’s thigh, while remaining seated. The use of clothing has been debated since it is not typical in a strip club setting. The customer may also be sitting in a chair or on a couch and generally spends around 10-20 minutes with their intimate partner for each dance.

A lap dance is usually performed in a closed-off area and it may be part of a contact high dance. It can also be done as a non-nude or topless lap dance. Though the performance is typically for one customer at a time, group performances with multiple women can exist.

One argument for lap dancing is that it allows the dancer to pay for an expensive studio or other work space. Others consider that there is considerable intimacy expressed during lap dancing, which depends on the preferences of participants.

The dancer may also choose to caress both the client and herself during the dance.

Lap dancing has been practiced extensively throughout Europe but especially in London from the 1970s, where it became popular in the Soho area of London. It has also become popular elsewhere in Europe, notably Eastern Europe and Northern Africa.

Today lap dancing is common around the world with several thousand clubs worldwide, the 2000s saw a resurgence in popularity. Clubs are mostly located in large metropolitan cities like New York City and Miami.

So this is how to give a Lap Dance.

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