Some people use nasal spray to pop the ear drum, which suits some people better than others. This is because you have to squeeze the nose shut to direct the pressure into the ear. So if you weren’t able to do that ok, you might not want to try this one!

You can also take a warm compress and press it against your face with your closed mouth touching it. Then hold your breath and pull your jaw away from your face so that it stretches out your ear canal. The pressure should force the blockage out of your head.

If all else fails, see a doctor! Do not try to push ear wax out yourself if it is impacted or still in your head.

Don’t use Q-tips, bobby pins, paper clips, hook picks, the tip of a knife, etc., anything sharp! You can do damage to your ear canal or eardrum. Also don’t use any sharp object if you have an ear infection or other injury.

So this is how to get water out of your Ear.

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