In this article you will learn how to quickly get rid of skunks.

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How to get rid of skunks

Next you’ll need to find out where the skunk has made its den, typically under the building or inside a crawl space.

Fill up any holes or cracks that are available with cinder blocks or heavy furniture. You should then pour ammonia into any holes, cracks or covered hole that you can’t fill with cinder blocks or furniture.

You should then go inside and wait for at least 24 hours before entering again. You should repeat this process for at least one or two more days. Don’t do anything with the cinder blocks, furniture or ammonia until you’re sure that all skunks have left your building.

Now there are three ways to get rid of the smell:

  • You can buy commercial products that remove skunk odor. You’ll typically need to remove the skunk’s odor from your pets (dogs, cats and other animals) too.
  • You can buy a home fogger that you can set off in the den area where all the trapped skunks are hiding. The idea is to be able to kill all of them at once. If there are many skunks under your house, you will need to find the main den and kill all of them at once. This can be difficult as skunks often move their dens around.
  • If you’re an expert at wildlife removal, you may decide that it’s easier to remove the skunk den and then place a one way door near the original entrance hole. This allows the skunks to leave but not reenter. You should then repeat the ammonia trick by filling up any holes or cracks with cinder blocks, furniture, etc.

One last note is that you need to make sure that your pets are safe during this whole process. Skunks often spray their scent at threatening animals and people before spraying them. You should keep dogs and cats inside until you know for certain that no more skunks are around.

Note: This article describes the best way to get rid of skunk smell after a skunk has sprayed your pet or home.

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