Fruit flies are a type of fly that can be found in many different types of food, including produce and other goods such as wine or cheese.

Fruit flies lay eggs which, when hatched, can leave their droppings in the food that they are eating and cause it to spoil. To remove these fruit flies from your home, there are a number of different methods available.

Place a plastic bag over the item that is infested with fruit flies and seal it shut tightly. This will suffocate the flies by trapping the air around them.

Pour some vinegar into a bowl and add a drop of dishwashing soap to it. Place this mixture onto a plate near where you are noticing the fruit flies so that it will attract them, as vinegar is one of their favorite foods. As they are attracted to this, they will eventually fly into the bowl and die.

You can also try to use a simple, homemade fruit fly trap to draw these flies away from your food and into a trap where they will be unable to harm it. All you need is some plastic wrap, piece of fruit (banana is best), and a rubber band.

First, place the banana or other piece of fruit onto a plate. Next, cover this piece with plastic food wrap and seal it shut with a rubber band to create a tight seal.

Lastly, poke some small holes into the top of your trap so that they can enter but not escape, then let it sit for about an hour before removing the trap from its location. These flies will be attracted to the fruit inside, but will not be able to leave once they enter.

Finally, you can remove these flies from your home by taking out the trash or recycling whenever you are finished with it. If there is anything in there that has fruit residue on it, they will be attracted to it and make their way inside of your home.

By taking out the trash when you are finished with it, you will be much less likely to have these flies in your home because you have taken away their food source.

This is how to get rid of Fruit Flies.

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