Bats are animals that are known for their tendency to fly around at night. They can cause problems with getting rid of them by biting or scratching, but there are ways to get them out. One such method is to leave out a couple-of-days’ worth of used, scented cat litter.

Bats will find their way into the home through open doors and windows or any holes that they can fit through.

If there are any, you can unscrew your porch light and take it off so they don’t fly around there. You can also shut the door leading to the porch, since they like little dark places for resting.

Once you have made sure there are no holes in your house where they can get inside, you can set out some cat litter.

Bats will not come near scented items because of their extremely keen sense of smell, so if you scatter some around, they won’t be able to get in. If you don’t like the smell of cat litter, you can use moth balls instead.

Just make sure you put them on the outside of your house where it’s dark; this is also an effective method for repelling skunks or raccoons.

So this is how to get Rid of Bats.

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