One of the first things you will want to do is lay your tank top on a flat surface and fold the bottom edge up about an inch away from the top, as if you were folding a shirt.

Next, carefully fold it in half so that you have two layers on the front of the shirt with both edges touching each other.

With one hand on either side of the shirt, use your free hand to pull back one of the front corners. Pull about 3 inches for this step.

Next, with one hand still holding back the corner, use your free hand to bring over that same front corner and press it into place against its “brother.”

You should now be looking at a ‘V’ with two points sticking up at each end. Now bring that top point down and fold it behind those two points, as if you were making a mountain fold on paper.

Repeat the above step with the other front corner. This time you should have a shirt shape with large triangles sticking up from both ends of its bottom edge.

Place one hand in the center of the shirt to hold it in place and with the other free hand, grasp the triangle at one end of the bottom edge.

This is best done by pulling down on one corner of this triangle with your thumb while grasping the top point with your first finger and guiding it away from that thumb.

Now pull hard on the bottom of this triangle, bringing out a point from behind it and pushing it forward in a diagonal line.

You should now be looking at what appears to be half of an hour glass shape with one end pointing up and the other end pointing down. Repeat on the other side (grasping this triangle’s top corner, pulling its center outward and out and so on).

Although the above instructions may seem complicated, they are actually fairly easy to fold. You will quickly become an expert if you practice a few times!

So this is how to fold tank tops.

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