Socks are a type of garment designed to cover the feet and ankle or foot of a person.

The term usually refers to a covering for the entire foot (sock), or in some cases, a shoe or boot that is only partially covered.

The invention of socks is attributed to Egyptians approximately 5000 years ago due to their use of wool and linen fibers.

First, you want to make sure your socks are clean. Next, you will need to lay your socks out flat.

Take one sock and separate the cuff from the rest of the sock. Then take one of the ends and fold it over the foot with the cuff into that side.

Fold that end inside of itself so that it creates a tube into that side. Now repeat this process on the other sock, then line them up next to each other with their folds facing in opposite directions.

Make sure their lengthwise is lined up with each other. Now take the end of one sock and weave it into the first loop around that side. Then repeat this process on the other side, then tie them together at the top.

Once you have done all of this you are done! Congratulations.

So this is how to fold Socks.

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