Underwear can be folded up in a variety of ways to save space and keep them from getting wet.

– Fold the bottom of your underwear inward, so that it is facing you.

– Tilt the underwear forward, so that the inner fold is face towards the ground

– Fold any excess fabric inward

– Stand with one foot on the folded underwear and pull over your foot

Repeat on the other side

– If you are using thongs, stick one leg through the back of them and pull it up into place

Repeat with other leg

There are many benefits that come with folding your underwear. The first benefit is that it saves space in your luggage by creating more layers within each item.

Also, if you’re taking a shower or bath, you can avoid getting your underwear wet by hanging them on the edge of the tub.

So this is how to Fold a Underwear.

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