Here are the step by step instructions on how to fold a hoodie.

1. Lay the hoodie on a flat surface, with both sleeves towards you.

2. Fold in half, lengthwise, so that the right edge of the hoodie is beside the left edge.

3. Take one sleeve and fold it in half so that it also is beside the other sleeve, creating two even halves of one sleeve.

4. Take the folded-in corners of one half of the sleeve and fold them over to meet at their top point in front of the other piece of fabric. For clarification, your goal is to make three folds with your hoodie’s sleeves: two side folds and a top fold that connects them together at their tops.

5. Now take the other sleeve and do the exact same thing.

6. Take the top corners of the hood’s front and back sides and fold them together so that they meet at their tops in front of you, just like you did with the sleeves.

7. Fold both sides of the hood inwards, towards the middle, about 1/3 of the way up.

8. Fold the bottom edge of the hoodie upwards so that there is a nice triangular shape below your nose.

9. Now take hold of your shirt and pull it from from its collar through each sleeve’s opening to slide it smoothly over your head, as you would with any other shirt.

10. Now put the hoodie on!

So this is how to fold a hoodie!

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