There are two steps to folding a burrito. The first is to lightly butter the tortilla. Secondly, simply fold it over in half, then in half again (vertically), and finally in thirds (horizontally).

Now you have the bottom layer on top, and there are three layers on each side. Fold down the flap on each side over itself.

From here on out it is just like folding a flag . Now that your tortilla has taken the form of a tube with eight equally-sized flaps, simply continue rolling it up until you get to the top. Take care not to roll it too tight, as the contents could spill out.

There you have it: a nice and neat square burrito! If your tortilla doesn’t hold together well enough on its own, feel free to use tin foil or paper wrap to keep everything in tact.

Now go enjoy your meal – and some peace and quiet; you know how we feel about wrapping paper.

So this is how to Fold a Burrito.

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