Well, first you should know that this is not how to fly a kite. This article will help you identify what’s the best way to fly a kite.

-Get your kite and some string.

-Find an open space with little wind.

-Hold one end of the string in each hand making sure the string is taut between your hands.

-Release the string so that it’s about 15 feet off the ground or more if there are trees close by.

-Move your left hand up and use your right hand to pull down on the top of the line while balancing on your right foot. Repeat this movement until you have gone around 360 degrees then release the string with your right hand.

-Walk back to where you started and do the same thing in reverse by releasing your right hand first while stabilizing with your left foot (you should be walking backwards) then moving your left hand up while using both hands to pull down on the line. Repeat this movement until you have gone around 360 degrees again.

-Your kite should be flying in the air now. If it isn’t, make sure you are releasing the string at the same time your other hand is moving up and pull down on the line harder if need be.

-Once your kite stays up in the air without dropping too much follow the direction of where your kite is going and walk there.

-If your kite is going to crash into a tree, don’t panic and run towards the string because you will become tangled in it and fall down. Instead stay where you are and open up a garbage bag, if you have one with you, along with a pair of scissors then cut the line from the top while trying not to touch the line because it might shock you.

-If your kite is still tangled in the tree, use both hands and climb up slowly until you can reach out and grab onto the bottom of your kite. Once you have a hold of it pull down gently on the line holding on to your kite with one hand while using your other hand to guide you back down the tree. Once your feet are on the ground cut off any extra line that might be hanging from a branch and try again.

-Now you should have gotten the knack of flying kites in no time without any injuries. Try different ways of flying your kite until you find what works for you.


-How do I get my kite out of a tree?

-If your kite is still not in the air and it’s getting dark, call it a day and try again tomorrow. The wind might be too low for your kite to fly well or there could be too much wind which will cause your kite to crash into a tree.

-What if my line gets tangled around other objects?

-If this happens just cut the line as close as possible without cutting it then try again. Keep trying until you can get your kite back in the air again, don’t give up!

-How do I put my kite away after I’m done flying it?

-Just pull up on the line until your kite flies into you hand then tie a simple knot around your wrist to keep your kite from falling out of the sky.

So this is how to fly a kite.

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