Fixing a zipper can be done by either sewing or gluing. Thread your needle with two lengths of thread.

Sew the broken teeth next to each other, following the path of the missing tooth until it falls back into place. Glue zippers are made to appear invisible on clothes, so they’re more appropriate for garments you want to wear again.

Mark the spot where the teeth of the zipper end and the fabric folds. Set your marking tool to an exact depth and mark a dot at the top and bottom of where you want your zippers to be glued.

Remove as much of the broken tooth as possible and clean with soap and water, or use alcohol if there is still some gunk attached. Apply a thin layer of fabric glue to the area and allow it to dry for ten minutes before bringing the fabric pieces together so they contact each other completely.

If possible, apply the glue in such a way that you can hold all materials together with rubber bands or binder clips until they’re fully bonded.

If two pieces of fabric are joined together after the glue is dried, it will be very difficult to pry them apart. Let set for thirty minutes before removing clips.

It requires half an hour for the glue to dry completely, so you can go do something else while you wait. You need patience if you want your broken zipper fixed.

As soon as the glue is dry, open your zipper and apply a thin layer of fabric glue to the teeth. Allow it to dry before closing.

If you’re gluing a slider that needs reinforcement, do so after applying the fabric glue. It’s important that the materials are yanked apart as little as possible if you want your repair to last.

You can put it your clothes normally, with no problems. However, try not to do zippering exercises on the broken area because that would just damage it even more. It’s not the strongest type of closure so use them wisely.

So this is how to fix a Zipper.

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