Leather armor can be dyed in a variety of colors, for various purposes. The dye used will depend on the color desired and what kind of leather is being colored (i.e. suede or full-grain)

Manufacturers use a variety of methods to obtain the leather used in their products.

Full-grain leather comes from cattle hides that still have the natural grain intact and may go through certain tanning operations like de-hairing and splitting, but no further treatments.

De-haired and split leathers come from parts of animal hides without any grain left.

If you want your armor to be green, mix spinach juice with water and paint this solution onto your armor with a brush or sponge. Once dry, the armor piece will be green.

A little known fact is that if you want your leather to have a red tinge, mix water with powdered charcoal and paint this solution on the leather or suede you are dyeing.

You may need to apply multiple coats for best results. If you want your armor to be black, use shoe polish or charcoal lye.

Now that you know how to dye leather, apply it to your armor and show off your outfit!

So that’s how to dye Leather Armor.

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