A mountain is a large natural landform that usually has steep sides and rises high above the surrounding area. Mountains are generally formed by tectonic forces, volcanic eruptions, and land shifting over the years.

To begin drawing a mountain, start with the top of the mountain. Draw a straight line that looks like it is pointing down.

Then draw another line on the top of the first one to form an “M” shape. Next, draw another line on the left side of this shape so that it connects to where they meet at the bottom, forming an “O” shape.

Finally, add some lines inside these shapes to represent original peaks and ridges.

Here are some more tips:

Tip 1: Use a ruler to help you draw the straight lines.

Tip 2: Start drawing your mountain from either the top or bottom, depending on how it will look best.

As far as color goes, you can use whatever you want! It is always fun to experiment with different colors and see what looks good.

Just remember to choose colors that go well together.

You can use different shades of brown for the mountains, or you can use any other color that goes with your particular scene!

So this is how you can easily draw a mountain.

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