Drawing lips can be a difficult task, but with enough practice you will have an easier time drawing the lips of different characters.

Just keep practicing until you’re able to create lush looking lips that are ready to pucker up for another kiss.

Here are some tips on how to draw lips step by step!

How to Draw Lips Step by Step

The first thing to do when beginning a drawing of lips is to sketch out the shape of them.

Depending on your subject, their lip shape will vary drastically from person to person.

Average sized lips usually have a bow shape that can fit rather easily into a square or rectangle. Asymmetrical lips may require some altering before sketching out the actual shape.

Once you have the rough shape of the lips, start to add in details such as creases and wrinkles.

Wrinkles around the nose usually dip into the top lip, but there are times when they will look better if they extend onto or through it.

The same goes for bottom lip wrinkles; some will dip into the mouth while others will float on the surface of it. The final detailing will be shading and this is where your pencil comes in!

So this is how to draw Lips.

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