First, start by drawing the head and body of the figure so they look similar to the picture above.

Next, add some lines for the legs and outline the feet. Draw in some claws for hands and add a thumb.

Then add in the top of his hand at about where it would be on his chest. Add pants with lines going down them and then add in some wrinkles going down from that point.

Draw in his fingers just below where they have been added in for wrinkles and then draw in a few more wrinkles going down his legs.

These are the basics for drawing King Kong like you see in the picture above. This is a good start, but there are still special features to be added make your final product fantastic.

Some things to add next would be the eyes, hair, teeth and wrinkles around his neck.

This is how you can draw King Kong. Hopefully you learned something from this tutorial and will be able to draw King Kong.

So this is how to draw King Kong.

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