To draw Godzilla, start by drawing an ellipse for the body. Next, sketch out the head and neck, with the neck ending in two small circles.

Draw his eyes, nose and brows. Add various details to make your drawing more interesting; for example, you might want to add spikes running down his back.

You can make Godzilla breathe fire by drawing flames around his mouth. You can also draw lightning running along his back or spikes on his hands, feet, head and tail.

If you want to have an army of aliens attacking Godzilla, include several alien ships in your drawing as well.

Just draw a group of diamond-shaped ships surrounding Godzilla.

Once you are finished, color your Godzilla drawing in with markers or crayons. You may want to do some shading on the body and around the eyes in particular.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to draw Godzilla.

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