Here are the steps to draw a truck that you can follow:

How to draw a Truck

Step 1: Outline of Truck

Firstly, start out with an oval that looks sort of like a band-aid for an outline of the truck.

Step 2: Add wheels to bottom

Draw two circles on each end in line with the oval that you drew in step one. Also, draw four curved lines coming out from underneath these circles to show tires. Then add one dot in between each tire and move aside to let the truck breathe.

Step 3: Grille of truck

Draw two rectangles on the top third of the oval you drew in step one with a slanted rectangle going from left to right on each face of it. Add a small rectangle below this for a grille and add a small circle at the very bottom middle of it as an indicator. Also, draw a small rectangle on the bottom of it to give an air like effect.

Step 4: Two headlights

Draw two elliptical circles around the one at the very bottom middle of the grille with four obtuse lines coming out of them for headlights. Also, draw some curved rectangles around these lights for indicators on the front of the truck.

Step 5: Two Door Windows

Draw a line to the right of these lights for a door and add two elliptical circles on each side of it with four curved lines coming out from them for windows. Make sure these windows are near where you drew in step three for steps six and seven to be easier. Also, add a few curved diagonals where these windows are at to keep with the theme of indicator lights.

Step 6: Side Windows

Draw two vertical lines on either side of the truck near where you drew in steps four and five for some windows on the side. Draw a horizontal line that connects these lines if they don’t already meet naturally then add three small circles at intervals along this line for windows on the side.

Step 7: Tires

Finally, add some tires that are blackened out by adding four short obtuse lines coming out of each one of them for tires. Also, draw a few vertical lines around these wheels to break up the image so they don’t look too repetitive. Then erase any unnecessary lines if needed.

Note: Be sure to keep your lines light so they are easy to erase if need be. Also, don’t forget to add some headlights coming out of the grille of the truck for some more unique features. Finally, you can even draw a little bit of shading on this image for some depth once everything is done being outlined.

Truck drawing is simple and fun to do with the right tips! Remember that these steps are exactly what you need to know in order to draw a truck like this one with your own hands. Have fun and remember to practice, practice, practice if you’re new at drawing trucks like this!

So this is how you can easily draw a truck.

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