Tornadoes consist of a funnel-shaped wind current and the debris near the eye which is known as an “eye wall.”

The wind speeds within this area can reach up to 150 miles per hour and the destruction left in its path often consists of uprooted trees, leveled buildings, snapped power poles, and broken windows.

To draw a tornado:

1. start with a big circle and add two smaller circles on top of that – these should be facing opposite directions

2. then, add lines coming out from the small circles for the wind coming out of the tornado

3. add little mini-tornadoes coming off of the line for wind coming out of the tornado

4. add some random shapes in between to make it look like debris is flying around

5. drape a spiral shape over the top of the tornado to make it look like a vortex.

Boom! Now you know how to draw a tornado.

So this is how to draw a Tornado.

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