In this article, you will get instructions on how to draw a tank.

Use a pencil to sketch basic shapes for the tank body and treads. Use a pencil because the lines will be erased later.

Once you have sketched out shapes of your tank, use a ruler to divide up the drawing into fourths. Connect the dots on each line with a ruler to form cubes that can then be shaded in.

Render in shading and highlights, after erasing any remaining lines or unwanted marks. Make sure the “front” of the tank’s body does not have any shading.

Use lighter pencils to shade in certain elements, such as rotating wheels or smoke coming out of the top of a cannon. Darken around these features so they can easily be distinguished from their surroundings.

Shading and highlighting may follow an order that you find helpful, such as “front” to “back.”

Give your tank’s treads a few dark lines that will appear to move forward with the direction of the vehicle. Make sure the treads are connected by lines; otherwise it might look like they are coming off.

Add details on top of shading and highlighting to make your tank look finished. Draw in guns, cannons, wheels and any other details you deem necessary.

Show where armor is thickest by drawing in extra lines or shading it harder. Indicate the thinnest areas of your tank with light pencil marks instead of keeping them completely white.

Think about what would make the vehicle stand out when designing your own tank. For example, add a lot of weaponry and dark colors for a scary war machine. Add only one cannon and make it the biggest feature on the vehicle to create a comical look.

So this is how to draw a Tank.

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