In order to draw a sword, you must draw two lines from the blade of your sword to the end of the handle. The blade should lie on the right side while the handle is on the left side. The grip of the handle should be placed on your inner palm. Whilst doing this, you must keep your arms stretched outwards to form a cross shape with your body.

Now you are ready to draw your sword. Keep your right foot slightly forward and slide it forward so that another step is now behind you. The distance between both feet should be the same distance of your shoulders.

Next you must keep both arms at the side and bend down on to your left knee. You can either choose to use a step or without one. Slowly raise your body while keeping the sword in its current position. Use momentum to strike forward until both feet are on the ground, then stand up with your right foot slightly forward.

You must shift your body weight to your front leg and keep your back straight. Then with one hand on the handle of the sword, raise up the sword so that it is pointing upwards above your head.

The next movement is very complicated as different people might do it differently. You can either hold the sword in both hands and move it down towards the ground at a 45 degree angle, or do it by just using your right hand. If you choose to use your right hand, make sure that you arm is straight while having your palm touching the bottom of the blade with finger pointing forward. After this, draw the sword towards you from top to bottom.

Finally, keep the sword in a position where it is pointing towards your enemy with your hand at shoulder height and your elbow bent. Now you are ready to strike. Swing forward and then down again with speed looking for a kill!

So that’s how to Draw a Sword.

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