First, start by drawing the sky. Think about how much of the sky you want your sunset to take up and draw it accordingly.

Next, draw a line across the sky and fill it in with darker colors than the space around it. Draw a few lines below it and fill those in too.

For the ground, think about what color you want it to be and use that as a base for your color choice.

Make sure to leave room for trees and other objects on the ground. Now you can draw different objects such as birds or mountains.

The last step is to add some details such as shading or reflections of sunlight on water.

Alternatively you can try the below method.

If you are having trouble drawing a sunset, it can be helpful to break it down into three parts.

First, start by drawing the sky with some wispy clouds. Next, draw the horizon line with some trees on either side.

Finally, draw the sun setting behind the horizon line. Once you’ve finished the drawing, add color and some shading to make it pop.

So this is how to draw a Sunset.

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