An easy way to draw a spider is to first draw the round shapes for the top and bottom of the spider’s body.

Then, fill in the center of each circle with an oval shape. Draw one line across the oval shapes for the back legs followed by two more lines coming down from each side.

Fill in another oval shape with an x inside to represent where the front legs will go. Now, draw two more lines coming down from the front oval and connect it to the first shape.

Finally, add four lines coming out of each back leg as well as three circles for eyes on top of the body.

Drawing a spider can be easy once you have all its parts represented properly. The most important part is making sure that you draw each line in the proper direction so that you don’t confuse its back legs with its front.

Once you have the basics, try practicing this spider drawing by joining all lines together to form complete shapes before coloring them in completely.

Once finished, add an extra details such as shading around its body and other dark areas to give it more depth.

So this is how you can easily draw a spider.

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