Let’s learn how to draw a Snowman.

Draw a triangle for the head with point facing up. Draw two dots for eyes on the top of the triangle.

Draw round balls for the nose and mouth, then draw squiggles on both sides for hair. Draw two semicircles on the bottom of the head, then round them out to make your snowman’s body.

Round off his feet, then draw lines coming out from his head to make arms. Draw seven or eight curlicues on each arm.

You can make his hat by drawing a triangle which extends past the top of his head to make a point, then draw lines out from the point for decoration. You can also color your snowman in, but it’s optional.

For other variations you could add buttons, facial features, or a scarf. You could also make him into a snowwoman by drawing the nose and mouth upside-down or just leaving them off for a girl snowman.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to draw a Snowman.

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