Here’s how to draw a snowflake:

1. Draw a six-pointed star, which you can form by overlapping four equilateral triangles or drawing six lines that all cross at the center of the shape.

2. Draw two intersecting lines, one through each set of three points on your original shape.

3. Connect the topmost point where the intersecting line ends to the lowest point of your original star.

4. Copy the points on each end of that line onto two new intersecting lines. Repeat until you have six sets of “connections.”

5. Draw a wavy line connecting opposite sides of the shape, passing through only three connections at a time (wherever there are four intersections closest together).

6. Draw a cross in one of the four remaining spaces, and add spokes to the intersection.

7. Fill any unoccupied areas with small shapes. And there’s your snowflake!

So this is how to draw a snowflake.

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