Sharks can be grey, blue, brown or black in color. They have a sleek body which is made to cut through the water quickly.

It makes them one of the fastest fish in the sea! Sharks are built for hunting prey. They have rows of sharp teeth that they use to tear their food apart before they swallow it whole.

To draw a shark, start with a basic shape. Draw the upper body, but give it a triangular shape.

Draw two fins on each side of the triangle. Add four little circles for the mouth and spots for the eyes.

Now that you have the shape, start adding details. You can draw an open mouth with sharp teeth or a closed mouth with pointy teeth.

Draw the pupils of the eyes toward the top of each eye. A shark fin is bumpy so be sure to add some bumps where they are sticking out from behind the head fins. Finally color in your shark.

So this is how to draw a shark.

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