Here is a drawing tutorial to help you draw a robot.

1. Draw the head for your robot. It can be in an oval or circular shape.

2. Draw two eyes that are big and have a happy expression. The eyes should also have two eyelashes on each eye.

3. Start drawing a nose with a smile-like shape at the end. Add in lines for ears by following the shape of the nose and attach them to the sides of the head.

4. Draw in some eyelashes for both big round eyes, and add in eyebrows too!

5. To finish it off, draw in some hair to make it look like his hair is all messed up from being in battle, and put some bolts on his head to show where you can attach robotic armor on.

Note: If your robot is female, make the eyes look more pretty and the eyebrows more aggressive, rather than cute. Finish it off with some hair that is smoother and has heart-shaped highlights! If it’s a male, use an angry expression on the face instead of happy or calm.

So this is how you can draw a robot.

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