Are you looking for instructions on how to make a drawing of Pumpkin.

In this article, you will find instruction on how to draw a pumpkin.

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How to Draw a Pumpkin


Draw the pumpkin shape with a straight line for the base of the pumpkin at one edge of the paper.

Draw an oval-shaped segment for the top. Draw lines leaning inwards to create triangle shapes inside this oval shape, each one making up part of the pumpkin’s face.

Draw two long curved lines coming out of the sides of the pumpkin to indicate its orange flesh.

Draw a wavy curved line coming out of the top of the pumpkin for its stem.

Draw circles around the eyes to indicate the blackness inside them, and two long curved lines above each eye for their eyelids.

Draw short curved lines along with dots on each side of this pumpkin face to complete its appearance.

Draw 5 small circles far apart from each other on the stem to indicate its seeds.

Draw lines extending down from either side of the pumpkin stem to indicate its roots.

Draw a curved line along the bottom of the paper, and draw circles at both ends for rocks or soil where the pumpkin has been planted in.

You may also color your finished pumpkin with orange, brown, yellow or any other colors of your choice.

So that’s how to draw a Pumpkin!

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