A pentagram is a five pointed star. A pentagram is the symbol used in occultism to represent Satan. One way to draw a pentagram is by drawing five lines – one for each point of the star.

The length of the lines doesn’t need to be even. The lines can be straight or wavy. The lines can overlap while drawing the star, but each should meet at only one point.

An inverted pentagram is a five pointed star with one point facing down toward earth – often referred to as the “Sign of the Beast”. A circle may or may not be drawn around it.

It should be noted that to occultists, the pentagram represents the “Pentacle” or means to knowledge and power.

To draw a pentagram, you will need to start with two points that are touching. These are the two points that represent the horizontal edge of the triangle.

From these points, extend one point to the right and one point upwards. Connect these new points to form a triangle. Next, extend one point from each side of your triangle so they touch the opposite side of the triangle.

Connect these two new points too form a second triangle. Now complete your pentagram by drawing four more lines out from each tip of your triangles – making sure they all intersect at one point in the middle.

An inverted pentagram can be drawn exactly the same as a regular pentagram. The difference is that one of the five points will have to be drawn lower than the rest.

This new point represents the “tail” of Satan’s pitch fork. Depending on how you want to draw your star, this new point might just be drawn off to the side of your pentagram.

To draw a pentagram with a circle around it, start same as before by drawing two points that are touching. Extend one point to the right and one point up.

Now connect these two points with another line that forms an upside down triangle pointing towards your first two points.

Continue with the rest of your pentagram in a similar fashion. Once you have finished, draw a circle around your star so that all five points touch it.

So this is how to draw a Pentagram.

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