A mushroom is usually white or brown, but they can be green too. Mushrooms are round and dome-shaped with little bumps all over them called “gills.” They’re usually found in the woods on the ground. Some mushrooms grow up high into trees!

Drawing a mushroom is pretty easy! The whole thing can be drawn with just two lines.

First, draw the outline of the cap.

Draw the top line of the hat small and pointy at first, then make it longer and rounder at the bottom.

Then go back to that first line again and make it look like it’s getting smaller until it’s almost gone.

Next, draw the stem like an upside-down triangle or pyramid shape.

Make it thick at one end and pointy at the other so that it looks sturdy enough to hold up the mushroom cap. That’s all there is to drawing a mushroom!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to Draw a Mushroom.

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