A lion is a mammal that lives in Africa and Asia. They are the second largest big cats, also known as the king of beasts.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a lion.

So let’s get started!

How to draw a Lion

It’s easy to draw a lion. You can start by drawing a circle, or an oval if it will be in the foreground of your drawing.

Next, draw the outline of the lion’s head starting at the top of the circle and coming down over one side.

Draw two circles on either side of the oval for ears. Draw two large triangles that are facing downward for eyes, then draw a line underneath each eye for the mouth.

Draw lines that are vertical on both sides for whiskers, then add some extra lines to make them longer. Lastly, draw the lion’s mane.

If you are drawing a cartoon lion instead of a realistic one, it may be helpful to use tracing paper so that you can copy the basic shapes from another picture of a lion.

So this is how you can easily draw a lion.

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