In this article, you will learn how to draw a house.

Let’s start!

How to Draw a House

1. Draw a triangle for the top of the house.

2. From there, draw a semi-circle on one side of it to represent the roof.

3. Add a rectangle that’s connected to the triangle and then draws a line from each corner that crosses with the semi-circle, so you have two lines going around the house and two going to either side of the bottom of the semi-circle line.

4. Draw a small rectangle in the middle of the three walls, and add a door and window.

5. Draw a chimney on one end or both ends if it has two stories, or no chimney at all if it has one story.

6. Add a fence, gate, or trellis.

7. Draw three squares for the planter boxes underneath the windows.

And now you have your very own house to play with!

We would not recommend you start painting it until you have finished shading your drawing. If you do paint it, use acrylics.

So this is how you can draw a house.

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