In this article you will get instructions on how to draw a giraffe.

You can find giraffe drawings in many early drawings of animals. They are sometimes seen alongside elephants, camels, or horses. You can also find giraffes in nature like Africa and Asia.

Begin by drawing an oval for the head. The neck may curve slightly downward to form a small hump.

It should be short and thick to give the animal a stout appearance that’s proportionate to its height.

Draw two small dots on either side for nostrils and two large circles for eyes like you see on elephants or hippos.

Draw lines around the eyes to form the facial features like you would with any animal drawing. Add a line down the center of this circle for the mouth which should extend below the bottom of the head.

Draw a large circle that extends from the top of the head and down to its bottom. This is the body.

For an accurate look, add some lines at different angles on two sides of the circle for legs and hooves.

Draw a small oval shape inside one of these lines for a hoof. Add another line below this shape for the foot.

For the tail, draw a long line that extends out to either side of this circle. You can divide it into two or three parts for more accuracy.

Add some extra lines at the end of the tail too if you want to give it an accurate look.

So this is how you can draw a giraffe.

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